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Aging in Place

GGR offers a wide list of options for those who need a renovation or remodel for aging in your home. We are meticulous in reviewing your space and finding every area that we can improve upon in order to make you the most comfortable. We focus on designs that bring objects and utilities to a lower level for those in wheelchairs, as well as making your space suitable to meet the turning and movement ranges needed.

When dealing with our customers, we are very patient and desirous to make sure we are accommodating you in every way possible. We make certain that the renovation is exactly what you need and want for the years to come.

Our company is about our customers needs, which is why we start by understanding what problem areas you are currently facing in your space and providing energy saving and more accommodating options to implement. With years of experience we can renovate every room in your home and even outside of your home.

Possible Renovation Needs:

1) Energy efficient heating/cooling systems

2) Inspecting home to find problem areas for heat loss-including windows and doors

3) Finding the sources of air pollution in ventilation- which contributes to many health issues

4) Discovering how to make your home a cleaner and user friendly environment

5) Making the entire floor plan accessible for mobility devices

6) Restructuring the home so main areas are on the first floor.

7) Adding indoor and outdoor ramps

8) Changing the lighting to be brighter and conveniently positioned

9) Slip resistant surfaces

10) Security and Intercom systems

11) Reachable storage

12) Bathroom accessibility issues and slip resistant floor renovations

13) In home elevators or lifts

14) Appliances that are easy to read and use

15) Handrails

16) Reduced maintenance and convenient features

17) Down-lift showers

Give GGR a call today to discuss the needs you may be experiencing. We are here to assist you in all of your aging in place renovations.