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Design + Remodeling Services

Kitchen Remodel

The design team at GGR incorporates cutting edge ideas with functional living when they begin a kitchen remodel project. When tailoring a kitchen to meet the needs of our customers we take every small detail into account. From window placement to recess lighting, floors and energy saving appliances, we are a leading remodeling company with timeless excellence in our projects. Read More >>

Bathroom Remodel

Regardless of how many square feet your bathroom contains we can make the space pleasant and efficient for everyday use. GGR’s design and remodeling team will perk your bathroom up with a new look and also help you save money by replacing old beaten down bathroom furniture and appliances and giving you beautiful energy efficient bathroom upgrades. Read More >>


Adding onto your home can be a stressful undertaking with out help. Our Remodeling team at GGR is not afraid to take on a large home addition. We have been doing this for years and can walk you through every phase of demolition, restructuring, and finishing until the job is done to your satisfaction. Read More >>

New Construction

There are so many possibilities when you start with a clean slate. New construction is an exciting thing when you consider all of the opportunities to create an innovative and inviting home that utilizes space to its maximum potential with out sacrificing the warmness of a true home. Our team of professional designers and remodelers love to create a clean, inviting, energy efficient home that strikes a cord aesthetically while saving you money. Read More >>

Aging in Place

GGR offers a wide list of options for those who need a renovation or remodel for aging in your home. We are meticulous in reviewing your space and finding every area that we can improve upon in order to make you the most comfortable. We focus on designs that bring objects and utilities to a lower level for those in wheelchairs, as well as making your space suitable to meet the turning and movement ranges needed. Read More >>