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Home Energy Assessment


A home energy assessment is your first step towards making your home energy efficient, healthy and happy. Our “whole home” assessment looks at everything that makes your home work, from its outside shell (the roof, walls, floors, etc.) to its internal organs (appliances, venting, etc.). These tests include: Read More >>

Heating and Cooling

Many homes located in So. California were not built with energy saving in mind. They were essentially a set of designed homes that were planned and reproduced without taking into account how the quality of construction can affect a homeowner’s utility bills. The result is higher energy costs for the home owner to heat and cool their house. Properly heating and cooling your home vital when it comes to your personal comfort level and saving money. Read More >>

Insulation and Air Sealing

Unfortunately an overwhelming amount of homes have not been insulated and air sealed correctly. This is a problem because as the home owner, you are paying for it in comfort and in your energy bill each month. Insufficiently insulated homes cause air to leak from the inside of the home into areas like the attic and basement.The result is evident in summer when your air conditioner is running hard all day in order to keep your home at the desired temperature to no avail. In winter your floors are freezing and each room may be a different temperature and overall still uncomfortable.It also results in you paying much more than you need to in energy bills. Read More >>

Duct Sealing and Replacement

Having your ducts sealed and replaced is another necessary step to becoming more energy efficient and economical, including making your air quality cleaner and healthier. There is a real danger to your families health, if the ducts carrying air to each room has  pollution due to moisture, pollen, debris, or other contaminated substance entering into improperly sealed or aged faulty ducts. In order to give your family the clean and pure air they need, we inspect the quality and efficiency of every duct in your homes internal system and replace them as needed to the most energy friendly and cost-effective options. We carefully seal them according to our strict standard making sure nothing is done carelessly in this crucial step to give you the purest air possible. Read More >>

Windows and Doors

Installing high grade energy efficient windows will not only save you 20% of your home energy heating bill, but will also make your home retain 20% more heat during those cold months. Upgrading to energy saving windows is an exceptional option to save you more. Read More >>

Water Heaters

Not all hot water systems are equal. The good news is, technology today is giving us the most cost-effective water heating options in history. They each offer different perks and are designed to suit a certain type of home depending on what type of energy you use (gas, electric, oil, propane, or solar). Read More >>

Indoor Air Quality

At GGR we think it is absolutely important for you and your family to have the best indoor air quality available. It is estimated that 90% of our day is spent in doors. If your indoor air quality is poor due to faulty gas burners, heating and air systems leaking carbon monoxide, pollutants from appliances and dust and dirt from the everyday activities, as well as hidden mold and mildew, your air pollutants are directly effecting your families health and wellness. Read More >>

Efficient Lighting

If you want to save 25% of your average home energy costs, consider the impact that efficient lighting can have. The benefits of LED lighting is growing rapidly as new LED bulbs are being made to fit into your everyday lamps and appliances. They are the most energy friendly bulb available today that will save you the most in monthly energy expenses. LED’s have a longer life expectancy and they offer more direct lighting. Read More >>


Upgrading your appliances is a huge key to saving you money! Our appliance inspection will explore the many opportunities for upgrading your appliances in the most cost-effective way. Read More >>

Energy Monitoring Systems

Knowing how much energy your appliances are using every month can help you determine where and how to cut costs throughout your home. GGR offers different home energy monitoring systems that tell you exactly how much energy a lamp or garage opener may be costing you every day, month, or year. It is shocking when you are aware of how much unplugging certain appliances will save you yearly. Each monitoring system offers a different process that reads specifically how much your entire home is expending in energy usage. Read More >>

Multi-Family Buildings

At GGR, we love making homes and buildings cleaner and safer for our customers. One thing we also love doing is transforming an old building into an energy saving headquarters. We do the same home assessment on older multi-family buildings but on a much larger scale. Old Apartment buildings, town homes, college dormitories and fraternity buildings, as well as Senior Living homes are great places to start saving energy and money for many families at once. Read More >>

Comfort Improvements

Everyone has their own preference to temperature settings and what is comfortable to them. Instead of suffering in your home when the winter months come and the many jackets are still not cutting it, put your comfort at the top of your list and let GGR make your home a haven instead of a cave. Our unique temperature settings are tailored to you and will keep you comfortable without feeling guilty about the upcoming bill.Your comfort is important to us and we will work tirelessly to create the energy saving and comfortable home for everyone of our customers. Read More >>

Solar Thermal

The use of Solar Thermal Energy (STE) is the most efficient way to prevent wasted energy in your home. STE is simply using the natural solar energy produced from the sun to heat air and water in your home. The use of a Solar Thermal Appliance will make a noticeable difference in your energy bill. This is the most energy friendly option out there today. Read More >>

Solar System (Electric)

Implementing Solar Energy into your home is probably the best thing you can do for your home. A PV system(Photovoltaic System) is easy to instal and converts the sun’s natural heat into the electricity you need to power your home. Because every home is situated differently under the sun, a GGR home assessment is primary to see what Solar Energy options are best for your homes location. Once we discover what makes your home the most energy efficient we will discuss what system meets your personal comfort level and desired production level. Our joy is to transform your home into the most energy efficient, comfortable home possible for you and your family. Read more about the many benefits of switching to Solar Energy below. Read More >>