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Energy Monitoring Systems

Knowing how much energy your appliances are using every month can help you determine where and how to cut costs throughout your home. GGR offers different home energy monitoring systems that tell you exactly how much energy a lamp or garage opener may be costing you every day, month, or year. It is shocking when you are aware of how much unplugging certain appliances will save you yearly. Each monitoring system offers a different process that reads specifically how much your entire home is expending in energy usage.

We will walk you through what system will be the best tool to help you save in energy consumption and in your energy bill. Here are few options:

1. An Individual Appliance/Outlet Monitor
This monitor system fits directly into your outlet and measures the amount of energy a specific items is consuming. If you place it on your refrigerator outlet you will be able to see how much energy is being used and able to adjust temperature settings in your fridge or replace your refrigerator to a more efficient Energy Star option to save on energy costs.

2. Whole-house Power Monitors
This system is more advanced in that it measures the entire house’s use of energy. You are able to input the specific devices you need to monitor and it will tell you how much each device consumes. It can also be programed to tell you exactly how much they are costing you. We like a system like this that can put saving energy into one central device. This gives you the control to monitor your energy expenses.

3. Smart Homes
Smart Home Monitors are the best option for controlling the energy usage of your home. They are very interactive and can control many devices. Depending on the system you choose you can not only measure the energy you are using but also control other devices from your monitor, such as a radio or lamp. The technology being used for smart home monitoring is fresh and exciting to be apart of. This would be the most energy efficient but pricey system to go with.

Installing your systems are done by our professionals and as always, we promise to be here for you every step of the way. We want you to get the most out of your system!