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Heating and Cooling


Energy bills can sky rocket because you do not have the proper HVAC system tailored to the unique design of your home. To have a home tailored to your special needs have a GGR home assessment done, and we can identify the correct energy efficient heating and cooling systems you need to make your home the perfect temperature at the lowest cost. We do this with a series of tests and examining your home over top to bottom, internally and externally.

It can be confusing and laborious to figure out what heating and cooling systems will work to make your house more energy efficient. Some units are huge while others seem to be too small to work for a big home. Well, the size is important but a large home doesn’t necessarily need a large system. When you have us asses your home, we can tell you the ins and outs of what will work best for you. And best of all, we will do it with you and not leave you wondering about each step we take. We not only want to renovate your home into an energy saving place, we want you to know how to utilize all that is available to you. We are more than a company, we are a faithful friend that will be here for future home needs.

Our years of experience and extensive knowledge in the area of heating and cooling will guide you as we transform your home together. Discuss with us your specific wants and needs and watch the savings begin as your home becomes more energy efficient and more enjoyable to live in. Schedule your energy savings assessment today.