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Indoor Air Quality

At GGR we think it is absolutely important for you and your family to have the best indoor air quality available. It is estimated that 90% of our day is spent in doors. If your indoor air quality is poor due to faulty gas burners, heating and air systems leaking carbon monoxide, pollutants from appliances and dust and dirt from the everyday activities, as well as hidden mold and mildew, your air pollutants are directly effecting your families health and wellness.

We have seen air pollutants causing physical symptoms in our customers such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, irritation to sinuses, and contributing to asthmatic problems as well. The aged and chronically ill, as well as young children and those with respiratory or cardiovascular disease seem to be effected by poor indoor air the most.

Our customers tell us that after having home renovations and repairs done with GGR, their children seem to be sick less and they have noticed great improvements in their own health. We don’t claim to be doctors, but it seems to follow that what you put into your body will effect your overall health. Breathing air pollutants everyday for an extended period of time will take its toll on your body. Give your loved ones the best indoor air quality you know they need.

We will pin point the exact areas in your home that are causing poor indoor air quality, by a thorough inspection of your home. We will find the source and control the output of pollutants by changing it or repairing it. Our services in air and duct-sealing as well as moisture control also contribute to giving you good Indoor air quality. We focus on these key areas as we inspect your living area:

Source Control- Finding the internal source of the problem areas and repairing or implementing a more efficient system tailored to your home.

Air Cleaners- We can install different air purification systems to help refresh your indoor air quality and reduce the amount of pollutants in the home.

Improved Ventilation- Fans in Kitchen areas and bathrooms need to be changed and cleaned regularly to give you clean air entering your home and expelling pollutants out. Working ventilation is another area that helps to keep your air quality pristine.

Your home has many different contributing factors that all depend upon each other in order to be energy efficient. As we work together to fix problem areas, your home will give you the best indoor air quality you have ever had. Go ahead, breath a sigh of sweet relief.