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Multi-Family Buildings

At GGR, we love making homes and buildings cleaner and safer for our customers. One thing we also love doing is transforming an old building into an energy saving headquarters. We do the same home assessment on older multi-family buildings but on a much larger scale. Old Apartment buildings, town homes, college dormitories and fraternity buildings, as well as Senior Living homes are great places to start saving energy and money for many families at once.

The process is not as painstaking as you might imagine. First we need to have a building energy audit completed and a look at all the utility bills to see where the most financial damage is happening for the tenants and building. Next is an energy analysis that we review. We will submit recommendations and plans, to the property manager, to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Once everything is approved, the work can begin to make multi-family buildings safer environmentally, physically, and financially to all the families inside.