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Solar System (Electric)

Implementing Solar Energy into your home is probably the best thing you can do for your home. A PV system(Photovoltaic System) is easy to instal and converts the sun’s natural heat into the electricity you need to power your home. Because every home is situated differently under the sun, a GGR home assessment is primary to see what Solar Energy options are best for your homes location. Once we discover what makes your home the most energy efficient we will discuss what system meets your personal comfort level and desired production level. Our joy is to transform your home into the most energy efficient, comfortable home possible for you and your family. Read more about the many benefits of switching to Solar Energy below.

Solar Energy

1. Enhances your families health by using natural resources to heat and power your home. The risk of pollution that comes with other energy and electric methods such as burning coal, using gas, oil, or nuclear technology that contributes to radiation is no longer an issue.

2. It adds significant value to your home. For every $1 a solar energy system helps you save on your energy bill, $20 is added to the value of your home! Let the savings shine.

3. Saves you money in the long run and puts you in the position of not depending upon energy companies to power your home. As energy prices rise, you will still be paying the same amount you have once the system is payed off; nothing. Imagine the freedom of not paying a monthly energy bill. It is possible when we install GGR’s Solar Energy System.

4. Companies are beginning to offer discounts on premiums to owners of solar energy powered homes.

5. Across the United States, Solar Energy System prices are dropping and government incentives are helping to make owning your own Solar System a reality not just a dream.

6. Using Solar Energy does not require a large amount of land to be added to your home.

7. Solar energy allows you to heat and cool your home without environmental impact.

The benefits of knowing you are not contributing to pollution, and are using the natural energy from the sun to live in your home is empowering. Let’s start transforming our homes to better our health and way of life for future generations. GGR can help you begin this transformation and will work tirelessly to make your home the best it can be. You can count on us to be with you every step of the way!