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Water Heaters

Not all hot water systems are equal. The good news is, technology today is giving us the most cost-effective water heating options in history. They each offer different perks and are designed to suit a certain type of home depending on what type of energy you use (gas, electric, oil, propane, or solar).

An Indirect Water Heater will be the most cost-effective option for many homes to become energy efficient while Geothermal water heating may be the route to save money in the long run (about 5-10 years it will pay for itself).  A Heat Pump Water Heater, which is the newest system, will only work with homes that run on electric energy and is not suitable for homes in a colder climate. Knowing your homes particular needs is extremely influential in deciding what water heating option will benefit your home and wallet the most.

In order to make the best informed decision possible we will share our wealth of knowledge with you and implement whichever system fits your lifestyle and budget.