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Windows and Doors

Installing high grade energy efficient windows will not only save you 20% of your home energy heating bill, but will also make your home retain 20% more heat during those cold months. Upgrading to energy saving windows is an exceptional option to save you more.


Energy Efficient Window Options:

  • Double paned windows
  • Vinyl retrofit windows
  • Aluminum windows
  • Vinyl
  • Fiber glass

If your replacement windows are carelessly sealed and installed, containing any gaps around the window, they will not serve their intended purpose which is to prevent any heated air from escaping during the winter months. Paying to heat your home will cost you a good deal less if your windows are working with you not against you to keep that precious heat indoors.

Certain window glass will diminish the fading power of the sun on your homes interior, while others will substantially reduce outside noise and prevent any condensation to appear on the window which becomes a breading ground for mold and heat loss. With all of the choices of windows and glass available, it can be confusing to know which type to buy. With our help and personal home assessment we will know exactly what type of window or door option will be the most beneficial to your homes specific needs.

During our assessment of your windows and doors we will do a blower door test that measures the amount and the location of air that may be leaking through your door. We will provide you with the needed repairs or an upgraded door that will not permit any air leakage. By replacing wood doors to energy efficient doors such as steel or fiberglass doors, your home can work towards bringing those costs down by in some cases 40%!

Oftentimes the fact is that doors and windows are a major culprit letting in drafts and air leaks that can cost you and arm and a leg. Don’t worry you don’t have sacrifice appearance to be more energy efficient. The options are not only cutting edge and pleasing to the eye but will pay for themselves over time. We offer many of the major brands including Milgard, Simonton & more.

What’s great is right now, with Energy Upgrade Ca rebates you can save $1000′s on


your improvement project and get the windows you have always wanted for you home.  Simply fill out the form on the right and we will contact you to schedule an assessment.