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Financing | Rebates | Energy Upgrade CA

Think you can’t afford to renew and improve? Think again! Now is the ideal time to take advantage of great financing rates, rebates and tax credits. GGR Energy is here to help you maximize your savings. Just look at the options available to assist you as you make your home healthy for your family. With all the help available, now’s the time to act. Get solar energy. Contact us today!

Financing Available!

Have a home you want to improve? Talk to us! We have a dedicated team of professionals who understand all the financing options available and can help you decide what’s right for your budget. Currently, three types of loans exist: secured financing, unsecured financing and energy-specific financing. Read More >>

Energy Upgrade CA

Through the Energy Upgrade California Program, you can receive a rebate of up to $4,500. It’s easy, too. Simply have us complete a home energy assessment, which will compile upgrade recommendations, potential rebates and project scope. We’ll review them with you, helping you choose the best changes that work within your budget and your needs for comfort and efficiency. Then, let the saving begin! We’ll make the upgrades and do the paperwork for you. Read More >>

Tax Credits | Rebates

There are state and Federal tax credits available. Keep reading to find out more. Read More >>