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How Solar Panels and Being Sun-Conscious Can Help Your Wallet

Going Green

The sun is one of the most powerful and consistent sources of energy available, but is often looked over or seen as not necessary. There are numerous benefits that come from being sun-conscious, but there is one that effects us all, especially our wallets . Harnessing energy from the sun can lower utility bills while simultaneously being great for the environment. Whether you are conserving energy for your home or business, it will save money and maintain comfort for your family or employees.

How can I go green?

Install Solar Panels

For Home:

Solar panels are a great way to really save big on utility bills and can reach savings of up to 50% on your monthly bills. Of all the ways to go green at home it is probably the most effective way to save. A home solar system is easy to install and can be done fairly quickly. By using the natural energy from the sun and converting it to the electricity required to provide power for your home it can litteraly cut your electricity bill in half.

Below are a few major benefits of solar energy in your home.

  • Improves the health of the family by using natural energy sources rather the coal, gas or oil methods.
  • Adds a significant value to your home adding $20 of value to your home for every $1 you save on your bill.
  • Save you money over a very long period of time and keeps you from depending on energy companies who continue to rise prices.
  • Government incentives

Remodel or Upgrade

For Business:

Being energy efficient at your business is not only going to save you money on your bills, but will also show your clients and customers that you are making an effort to go green. This can vastly improve business and draw in another marketing niche.

Installing solar panels may not be an option for every small business, but there are a few upgrades to save you money and show your clients the effort to go green.

  • Upgrade windows and doors to have better control on temperature and improve insulation.
  • Upgrade to an energy efficient HVAC unit.
  • Install energy efficient lighting and appliances
  • If you have a company vehicle or will be getting one in the future, make sure it’s a hybrid which can save your business significantly with tax breaks.


GGR LogoWhether for your home or business, there are numerous benefits to going green and upgrading to energy efficient products.

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