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What is involved in a home assessment?

Our Home Energy Assessment us thorough. We do a large scale checkup on your home including doing tests on major appliances like your water heater, kitchen utilities, outdoor pools, floor, walls, roof, windows and doors, air ventilation systems, and lighting to name a few. We will locate all energy problem areas using specialized tools to see what is causing your high energy bills. Then we will sit down and give you a greater understanding of how you can become more energy efficient and save more on your utility bills. Click here to find out more…

Why doI need a “whole home” assessment if I am only interested in one service?

Your home is like an engine. You can fix one part that may be faulty, but if the entire engine isn’t up to par, it will not work as efficiently as it could. Your home may be costing you more money due to non energy efficient windows. Replacing them with new energy efficient windows will help but if you are losing warm air in the winter because you have holes in your ducts or your insulation is inefficient you will not be saving as much as you could be. We assess your entire home to maximize your energy efficiency, saving you more money.

Can I get financing and what discounts or rebates/tax credits are available?

There are many opportunities to save even more with rebates and tax credits being offered by the government. Through the Energy Upgrade California Program, you can receive a rebate of up to $4000. You can also take advantage of federal tax credits. The Energy Star energy efficiency rebate offers 10% of the cost, up to $500. Combine that with the Energy Upgrade California rebate, and you can earn $4500 making the improvements that will improve your life. click here for more information. Click here for a more detailed look into how these options can benefit you.

Do I need to deal with different contractors and product purchases when I do a
remodeling project with GGR?

No, we want to make remodeling your home as smooth as ever. You will talk with our GGR Contractor who will take care of everything that needs to be installed and purchased while finishing the project. He will ensure everything is being built the correct way and meets the state and local building codes while obtaining the needed permits.

Are you a licensed contractor?

Yes! GGR is licensed and abides by all state and city laws for building. We make sure
that you have the best people working on your home that are licensed and proficient in
their trade. We want our customers to have the piece of mind that comes with
professionals working on their home.

What if I have concerns and questions during the project?

Please ask us! Our goal is to make our customers feel comfortable with all that is being done on their home. We want to hear from you and have you be involved in the great changes that are taking place!

Why is heating and cooling my home costing me so much?

Production homes built according the 2004 International residential code or older, were
not built with energy saving technologies in mind. They were essentially a set of designed homes that were planned and reproduced with out taking the position of the home to the sun into account. The result is higher energy costs for the home owner to heat and cool their house because they are not working with the sun to keep their home warm and cool. The benefit of going solar is that it bring the cost to heat and cool your home down significantly because you are using natural heat from the sun.

Doesn’t a solar energy system cost a lot?

The upfront cost of going solar is different for every home, but is very affordable with our financing and rebate options available to our GGR customers. Contact us to see how you can get solar for less.